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I survived my first brazilian sugar wax, so I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING. ANYTHINGGGG

Except matanggap na nageexist parin si duts 

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Bakit napakawalang kwenta ng presidenteng ito

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I know we're not together -- not committed, but we still talk, and we're doing okay lately -- being flirty and all, and we're making plans for me to visit him. But tonight I went out with a tinder match, and it makes me feel guilty, even if technically im not doing anything wrong. He did say we should date others; but that was a couple of months ago and i don't have the courage to rock the boat now, in case it's no longer what he wants. In response I'm being super sweet to him, to assuage my guilt... I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing

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"You're never gonna go if don't go now
You're never gonna grow if you don't grow now
You never don't know if you don't find out
You're never going back, never turning around
You're never gonna go if you don't go now"

Go. Go now. Take that trip. Find out.

( I want him to be the last. I want him to last )

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I wonder what it feels like to kiss myself? HAHAHA haggs :((

I haven't been kissed in a long long long time I'MMMM 

I just want! His soft warm lips on mine, tongues entangled and noses rubbing AAAGHGASDFADF

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Lately, I have been so dissatisfied with my photography -- or my life in general -- even though objectively I'm in a good place: good working environment, good company, good home life -- there's so much to be thankful for but I feel restless and stuck and incompetent and this is a privileged rant so

so shut up, self (it's just usual pre-birthday you-haven't-done-anything-significant-considering-how-privileged-you-are sort of thing and you need to ride this through)


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So here I am again, abangers sa messenger -- wanting him to initiate a conversation, waiting for his messages. Naaanxious nanaman ako; I feel distant, unimportant. Eh wala naman ako karapatan magdemand ng anything else. Paano ba maging kalma pagdating sa ganito. How to expect nothing when you want something more

Ayan wag kasi makipaglandian kung di mo kaya na hindi ka lalandiin back.

Dapat ata di ko nalang tinigil yung no contact ko :)) Eto na, dami ko nanamang hanash dahil naaattach nanaman ako

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Active naman siya bat di nya ko nirereplyan???!!

Haay wala nanaman akong chill ugh

Need. To. Chill

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