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Trying out the Sinaya menstrual cup and I can't get it in. I berate myself - "You've had sex, woman, right???? You sure as hell could get the cup inside" but logic does not do anything i feel like a failure

It hurts to insert why must i have low pain tolerance


I reactivated facebook today and regretting it immediately. mga 6 hours ata nagugol ko for mindless browsing and now im sad bec syempre i was on a downward spiral of stalking friends and acquaintances and comparing myself to them. 

HUHU gusto ko lang naman ipromote yung game of thrones party na shinoot namin (I am sooo excited for S8!!!), but instead here we areeee feeling lyk a ball of useless matter

Posted by chronicwind on April 13, 2019 at 11:22 PM | 3 caught a feather

Kanino ba ko pwede makipag-pact para maapprove yung visa?Isasanla ko kaluluwa ko ganyan huhu gusto ko lang talaga makalive in sya for like 2 months to see what we're like. Gusto ko lang ng may inuuwian at may karat everyday

Also i just want us to adopt a cat! Lord zeus bathala all the deities pls i am begging you 

Posted by chronicwind on April 17, 2019 at 11:14 PM | catch a feather
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