Last friday, I went to this freelancer's meetup and in the introduce yourself part, I said i was there because I hope to be inspired. 

As the afternoon went on, a fellow participant approached me and enthusiastically said she's a budding photographer and was inspired by my quitting-job-moving-to-duma story. Huh. Never thought that I would be the inspiration instead :)) We went on talking and geeking out and ended up being each other's accountability buddy. That interaction lifted my spirits and I needed that.

I've been feeling so low the past couple of weeks, and I have pinpointed the cause to be: having no money. I am behind on rent and it sucks. Buti na lang mabait si landlady. I've dwindled my savings to four digits and I am thinking what to sell to augment it. Ang hirap hirap gumalaw. I am now really considering jobs in the middle east, apparently maraming openings for photographers dun.

I am feeling apprehensive and down and impatient with myself. So, so impatient with myself. But this week was better than the last few weeks, so I guess, progress is progress.

Hindi na ako ganun kagalit sa sarili ko and that's a start.

Posted by chronicwind on March 4, 2020 at 04:17 AM | catch a feather
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