These days I'm alternating between two modes: extreme anxiety and extreme horniness. Mej kawawa si ldr fubu kasi at one point sobrang swerte niya, ang sipag ko magsend ng sexts tas bigla biglang i'll push him away, saying "dont expect much from me it'll be months before this whole thing is over" etc etc and ayoko replyan yung words of comfort nya

Yan, kaya di ako pwede jumowa eh 


But ayun im privileged AF -- i dont have to worry abt food and a house and don't have to feed a family; it is only myself I have to take care of. Konti - as in sobrang konti - lang ang naimbak kong salapi; thankful na lang ako at hindi mahilig maningil ng rent si landlady. I can stretch what little I have until I guess abt a month? Tapos di ko na alam sizt

This is absolutely the wrong year to be out of employment anez? 

Haay I hope we all make it

Posted by chronicwind on March 20, 2020 at 05:07 PM | catch a feather
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