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When two college girls sees you biking in your usual dress and leggings outfit. "Ang cute niya o!" one of them says, pointing at me. 

When an adorable four-year-old, bedecked in a pink ballerina dress and high-heeled wedges, greets you as soon as you step into the office. "Hi auntie B!" she says, her sweet smile adorning her chubby face.

When, during a rainy day monday morning, both your parents are home and you pick up the guitar and request them to play and sing 'Blowing in the wind', and they oblige, and you listen to them, to the song, to the drops of rain outside, and then life is good and comfortable and warm and the living room is, indeed, a living room.

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ok sakto 'to


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"ang galing mo mag-isip"

Said no one to me, ever. HAHAHAHA that would be the greatest compliment someone can give me, I think. Or: "Tumatalino ka every day". 

HAHA what is this life

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I don't think I can be in a relationship with someone that will put God first in the relationship.

Selfish na kung selfish but I just can't. 

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WE CAN'T ALL BE GREAT, UNIVERSE!!! Why are you demanding so much from me???!

Okay, the world isn't really demanding anything from me. Just me, demanding myself to be so much more than I am. 

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Nakakamiss rin yung kausap ko siya every night before matulog. Leche this. Kung kelan cuddle weather na saka wala?? HAHAHAHA tae

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It is 6am and I am still awake. Hi body clock, what is up with you

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This is me. I am wildly optimistic to the point of delusion. Kanina lang I was 30 minutes late because I was positive that the thing that takes 20 minutes, I could do in 10. I procrastinate and entertain my instant gratification monkey and leave the house way past the punctual timeframe. I am supposed to be packing for a trip right now and yet I am here blogging, slowly dwindling my hours of sleep but I cannot get myself to move (the 'strong aversion for transition', I call it the travel inertia). I hate how I'm chronically late and I feel terrible about it and I know I have to change but look at me, still typing here instead of hauling my ass upstairs to shove clothes inside a bag. 

I have a problem.

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Puppies are excessively cute when you don't have to care for them.

Shet baka ganito rin pala ako sa babies ano. Cute lang pag hindi ako yung responsable sa kanila T_T

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At the end I don't want to be exhausted, though. I just want to be satisfied. Like I would be in my death bed, thinking about the life I've lived, and I would just keep nodding, and think, "Mmm yes. It's been good."

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I'm really fucking boring, so I compensate by being kind and generous. :(

Seryoso, wala akong drama-drama sa buhay. Wala akong sob story. I was born with a silver spoon and ran away with it.  I like myself, pero shet minsan iniisip ko I'm the most average person on earth, na kung pagsasama-samahin lahat ng traits na pwedeng magkaroon ang isang tao at ididistribute back to everyone in equal proportions, everybody will be an example of me.  I'm neither here nor there; I'm right smack in the middle of the bell curve. Kumbaga sa mga survey forms where 1 is least and 5 is most, I'm a number 3. Neutral lang.

Pero kung 'most average' ka, edi hindi ka average lang? Hahahaha sige i-contradict ko pa sarili ko.

Anyway ang point naman talaga nito is, I'm scared that someone will figure this out about me and nope the fuck out of my company. Insecurity ko talaga 'to; right up there with intelligence. Stupid and boring, these are the negative traits I keep deeply hidden in my identity that I do not want to admit to myself. And these are the things I need to let go.

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Was supposed to join a UFB ride but as I was about to go out, I saw the swarm of cockroaches chilling by the gate. I screamed, ran back inside, grabbed Baygon, and sprayed the shit out of those motherfuckers. They started running around in panic all over the porch, and being the scaredy-cat that I am, I retreated back to the house. Moments later I attempt to get out again but there were still a couple of roaches scuttling about. Needless to say, I gave up and missed the ride.

Roaches - 1
Me - 0

I hate myself sometimes.

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"How many of you are walking around right now saying, "She/he would love me if she/he only knew what an interesting person I am!" Really? How do all of your interesting thoughts and ideas manifest themselves in the world? What do they cause you to do? If your dream girl or guy had a hidden camera that followed you around for a month, would they be impressed with what they saw? Remember, they can't read your mind -- they can only observe. Would they want to be a part of that life?"

Dapat talaga monthly reading itong article na ito eh. 


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I will learn how to tell stories.

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"Mediocrity. Perfect, run-of-the-mill, 100% generic, average, nothing special. If someone wrote my biography it would be called "one shade of grey." I put the fun in fundamental basics, but damned if I'm not the best at it." - from this thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/3dg2gp/on_the_scale_of_1_to_10_what_are_you_a_definite/

haha yes. you are not alone

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Di bale nang walang boyfriend, basta may malong.

What to do without any??

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